White Water Rafting In Nepal

White Water river rafting trip is a wonderful way to explore and experience Nepal's natural and intercultural heritage. Rivers here are regarded as goddesses, and are included in a number of Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. Many can be witnessed during a raft adventure. Slopes adjoining the rivers often harbor dense vegetation and interesting wildlife. Several varieties of fish also abound. And rafting in Nepal is a great experience in it's own right: the thrill of running white water rapids can be as exhilarating as reaching a mountain summit! Rivers can be grouped into three categories on the basis of their origin: Antecedent to the Himalayas

Below the Mahabharat Below the Churia range The major river systems-- the Koshi, the Karnali and the Gandaki-- belong to the first group. Rivers originating from the Mahabharat Range, which cut through Churia hills, come under the second group. These include the Bagmati, Kamala etc. The third group of rivers originate from the southern face of the Churia hills.

The White Water Rivers Rafting

Trisuli - 1-2 days. Great for the first time boater in a raft or kayak, or a good warm up for experienced paddlers before they take on the 'big ones'!

One of Nepal’s most popular rivers, the Trisuli has something to offer for everyone, from the most experienced kayaker to the first time rafter. It's an ideal year round river just a stones throw away from Kathmandu or pokhara. A trip on the Trisuli will quench the white water desire of travelers with limited time in Nepal. The river meanders its way through scenic gorges and impressive valleys on its way to the plains. This trip leaves plenty of time to chill out and soak up the surreal atmosphere of Nepal's River life.

From: Chauraudi To: Panch Kilo River Days:1-2 Best season: Sept-Nov, End of April-July

Lower Seti - 2 days. The Lower Seti is a relaxing river with a lot of gentle rapids. It offers great chances for swimming and wildlife spotting, making it highly suitable for families and first time rafters and kayakers. It is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers and did we mention warmest rivers in Nepal.

From: Damauli To: Gaighat River Days:2-3 Best season:Sept-Nov, End of April-July

Bhote Kosi - 1-2 days. Not so far from Kathmandu, this is a short but very very sweet trip that’s packed full of fun, action and endless white water from the continuous rapids. The trip starts near to the Tibet border, home to the only site for Bungy jumping and canyon swiming in Nepal. Giving you the chance to round out your rafting adventure with more adrenaline packed activities. Hold on tight crew, this is going to be one wild ride. Oh by the way, don’t forget to take in the stunning scenery as you get churned down this washing machine!

One of the shortest but wildest rivers on offer in Nepal. The path of this river is the steepest in Nepal creating a virtual year-round torrent that provides some of the most exciting rafting in the world. The river is fed by the melting snows and glaciers of Mount Shisa Pangma, the worlds tenth highest mountain and creates one of the most dramatic and furious rivers to carve its way through Nepal’s mountains and rolling Himalayan foothills

Distange: 17 km From: 4 hours from Kathmandu To: The Dam River Days: 1-2 Best season: Sept - Nov, April - July

Kaligandaki - 3 days. One of Nepal’s most stunning rafting rivers that will deliver some punchy rapids, loads of splashy fun and a tantalizing glimpse of Nepal’s enticing river culture.

If you have the time, this river trip is one of the 'must do things' in Nepal, giving you an awesome taste of white water thrills, Nepal’s nature and culture at its best, as well as allowing you the chance to relax and get to know your rafting team around the evening fire on the pristine sandy white beaches that dot the Rivers banks.

Distange: 57 miles From: Baglung Pul To: marmin River Days:3 Best season: Sep-Nov, End of April-July

Marsyandi - 1-3 days. Carving down the up side of the famous Annapurna Circuit trekking trail, this gem of clear flowing, rapid packed river is one surly ride that demands respect from those who choose to paddle it. The river is surrounded by jaw dropping beauty and is seeped in traditional Nepali culture, taking you into the very heart of rafting in Nepal.

Rising form the Northern slopes of the Annapurna Himal, the river passes through the arid Manang region before roaring its way into the lower foothills to join with the Trisuli River. This monster of a river is also tagged “The Raging River” in the local tongue and offers up what is considered as the best white water rafting and kayaking experience in the world.

Distange:33 miles From:Ngadi To: Bimalnagar River Days:1-3 Best season:Sep-Nov, End of April-July

Sun Kosi - 9 days. The Sun Kosi is one of the top 10 rivers in the world to run. In kilometers it's the longest river trip in Nepal. Traversing 270 km through the beautiful Mahabharata mountain range. It begins after a 3 hour drive from Kathmandu, and is 60 km from the Tibetan border. This all-encompassing trip takes you from the mountains bordering Tibet to the hot dusty Indian plains of the Terai. It certainly is one classy river with lots of fun to be had by paddlers…simply put, a golden journey with many highlights.

Distange:170 miles From: Dolalghat To:Chatra River Days:8-10 Best season: Sep- ov, End of April-July

Karnali - 10 days. Considered as Nepal’s biggest and mightiest river, the Karnali lies in the country’s Wild West. Getting there is all part of the adventure; a long rugged day/night bus trip is required to reach our starting point, but the rafting that follows is well worth the effort. Rated as one of the top 10 rivers in the world, this is guaranteed to be an epic white water journey that you will never forget.

Nepal's longest and largest river, the Karnali, begins its life near to Tibet’s holy Mount Kailash. It carves its way through the Tibetan plateau and through the Himalaya into Nepal’s lush western forests. After the snow melt this river becomes a raging torrent with huge rapids which offers brilliant rafting and kayaking. A highlight is the 7km long gorge which is one long raging rapid that sucks you in one end and spits you out the other (in one piece!). This is one of the Nepal’s must do rivers.

Distange:113 miles From: Sauli To: Chisopani River Days:8-10 Best season:Oct-Nov, End of April-July

If you are an experienced rafter we can also offer expeditions to some of the lesser run rivers for example the Dudh Kosi - but these trips are only for those with previous experience.



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