We impose our experimental steps in Nepal where ever you have walked this is a memory of human beings. imaging an Amazon of your footprints from the Himalayan glaciers till to the bottom of desert of living beings during your precious life and encounters. We are supposed to be the guests in this subtle and causal world.This is why we heartily greet you to Nepal and our joys and sorrows having fundamental and spiritual captivities the how do we get the perfection of inspired soul.

  • - Mt. Kanchenjunga expedition (8586m)
  • - Mt. Makalu   expedition (8167m)
  • - Mt. Dhaulagiri expedition (8167m)
  • - Mt. Manasulu expedition(8163m0
  • - Mt. Ihotse  expedition8400m)
  • - Mt. Annapurna  expedition
  • - Mt. Ama dablam expedition(6812m)
  • - Mt. Pumori expedition(7131m)
  • - Mt. Annapurna IV( 7525m)
  • - Mt. Dorje lakpa expedition
  • - Mt. Genesh Himal  expedition
  • - Mt. Jannu hamal expedition
  • - Mt. Tillich peak expedition
  • - Mt. Kang guru expedition




We Allocate 10% of net profit in social cause. The allocated fund will be expense in Environment, Education and Health. Scholarship is provided to poor but intelligent students of the country. We support to the poor sick people who can not pay for their treatment. We participate in the nature and culture conservation campaign organized by various organizations.

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