Hope to see you again in near future.the breeze on your air an off –beat trail and the sense of adventure that cames with being on your own. Yes that's the thrill of mountain biking in Nepal with challenging mountain roads that climp up to spectacular views and adrenaline a paradise waiting to be discovered on your mountain bike.

Nepal is the world's number one adventure playground for mountain bikers from the flat lands of the trail to the terraced hillside farms the vertical landscape soars towards the snow clods peaks of the Himalayan inviting you to share the adventure of this awesome landscape. The tropical lush vegetation is a rich contrast against the stark arctic of the Tibetan plateau.

Mountain biking sights of the Nepal such as the ancient routes of Trens Himalayan trade and the rural village life of nepal . here you will enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore such wonders as the Kathmandu valley the monument or the temple complexes. Alternatively peddle at your own pace along some of the hidden trails to the rarely visited rural villages where you will see the warm smiles of locals living the preserved traditional your self in one of the world's greatest wonders by joining us on an exhilarating and memorable biking adventure in the Himalayan .our customer designed program takes you to explore the country with the fun and adventure .each route is carefully designed to recognize and encourage the varying skills and interests of the riders as well as to feel the real adventure .A bilingual skilled cycle guide would always be there with you for the support on the trips and if required a four wheel jeep is also arranged along with where ever possible let your thrill rise with Mardi Himal.

Cycling around Annapurna area

Pokhara   Nudada sarangkot   Pokhara - 1 days. Great for the first { 8am  start  from hotel    25 km  Pokhara Baglung high way{ hotel Lakeside-0km -Baglung bus prak –Hamja- Phadi -Naudada up hill  } Naudada  Sarangkot   12 km Sarangkot  Pokhara down hill 15km {Sarangokt top   Bindabasiuni -0km-Lakeside }  in total  7 hrs
 Naudada, Sarangkot, Pokhara  {drive Pokhara hotel  to Naudada  cycling to Sarangkot  12 km  Sarangkot to down hill  15km  in total  4hrs .

Other cycling root also available around pokhara.

From: Naudada To: Pokhara  Days:1

Muktnath  Pokhara  cycling  - 5 Night 6 days.

1 day   flight Pokhara to Jomsom 2720m  cycling  to Kagbani  to Muktnath 19 km  up hill 5 hrs.
2 day  cycling  Muktnath  to Kagbani 2640m to Komsom to   Marpha 2670m {down hill 24km 5hrs }
3  day  cycling  Marpha to Hhasa2010m  to Tatopani 1200m 33km down hill  5hrs
4 day cycling   to Beni 32km 5hrs
5 day  cycling   Beni to kusma  25km  5hrs
6 day  cycling to Naya pool 1050m drive to Pokhara 150km cycling  45km drive

From: Jomsom To: Pokhara Days:5 Night-6 Days Best season:Sept-Nov, End of April-July

Ghandruk, Pokhara  cycling - 3 Night-4 days.

day 1  drive to Naya pool  cycling   to  Kimche  7km up hill  3hrs trek To Ghandruk
day 2 trek Ghandruk  to Kimche cycling  to Nayapool to Keda  19km  6hrs
day 3 Keda  to Naudada  to  Sarangkot  {20km  4hrs }
day 4 Sarangkot  to Pokhara and  cycling around  Pokhara city   {4-5}hrs

Distange: 47 km From:Naya Pool To: Pokhara  Days: 3 Night -4 Days

AROUND  ANNAPURNA CYCLING : - 13 Night 14 days.

DAY  1 DRIVE TO BESI SHAR  from Kathmandu or Pokhara {4-5}h and cycling  to Bhulbhule 820m [2h 9km up hill }
Day 2  cycling  Bhulbhule  to jaget   16km  [5-6}hrs  up hill
Day 3  cycling  Jaget to tan to Dharapani   1900m {15km 4hrs  up hill
Day 4  cycling Dharapani to Chame 2670m {16km 4hrs  up hill
Day 5  cycling  Chame to  Pisang  3250m{13km 4 hrs up hill
Day 6  cycling   Pisang to  Manang 3540m{19km 4hrs up hill
Day 7  Manang  {hike to  ice  lake}
Day 8  cycling  Manang to yak Kharka 4050m{11km  3hrs up hill}
Day 9  cycling   Yak kharka to High camp  4850m{5km 3hrs up hill}
Day 10 cycling to Muktinath 3800m[14km 6hr up and down hill]
Day 11 cycling   Muktinath to Tukche 2950m{31km 5 hrs down hill}
Day 12 cycling  Tuche to Tatopani 1200m{27km  5hrs down hill}
Day 13 cycling Tatopani to Beni  820m drive  to Pokhara  hotel {25km 5hrs ddown hill]

Distange: --miles From: Bashi Sahar-Manang Muktinath To: Pokhara  Days:13 Night 14 days Best season: Sep-Nov, End of April-July

If you are an experienced in cycling we can also offer around Nepal.



We Allocate 10% of net profit in social cause. The allocated fund will be expense in Environment, Education and Health. Scholarship is provided to poor but intelligent students of the country. We support to the poor sick people who can not pay for their treatment. We participate in the nature and culture conservation campaign organized by various organizations.

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