The Bhutan is a landlocked country bordering to the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the east, west and south to India. It is a small independent sovereign country in the eastern Himalayas. Its official name is Druk Yul – Land of Thunder dragon with the additional nickname of Deki Druk(Yul) – (the Land of) of the peaceful Thunder Dragon because modern Bhutan has not only a quite orderly social fabric but according to a global survey of Business Week in 2006 it was evaluated the happiest country in Asia and the eighth-happiest nation in the world.

Bhutan is the best-kept secret in the travel industry. Due to its relative isolation, the country is not known to the out side world until 1960.Now, Bhutan is the one of the best tourism destination in south Asia. A land with a vibrant and orthodox culture, Bhutan is often referred to as the “living museum" of the world.

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What is the best season for tour in Bhutan?

Spring and autumn are considered to be the peak seasons. Spring starts from April through June and autumn from September through November. Many festivals are held in these periods. It is best time for visitors to take advantage pleasant climate and the festivals. Tourism infrastructure is limited in Bhutan. So, in the peak seasons all tourists’ facilities are fully booked. Off season would be better if you wish to be in less crowded time.





We Allocate 10% of net profit in social cause. The allocated fund will be expense in Environment, Education and Health. Scholarship is provided to poor but intelligent students of the country. We support to the poor sick people who can not pay for their treatment. We participate in the nature and culture conservation campaign organized by various organizations.

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